Monday, 27 October 2008

Getting inspired in the Netherlands

Wow! It's been ages since I've done anything at all in here! I can almost see cob webs and piles of dust on my old posts!

Surprisingly, I've been busy trying to finish the tasks on my to-do list and... I've actually managed to finish two of them! Yeey!! I'll post pics when I get them transfered to my PC :-) This weekend I visited the flower market in Amsterdam, and what I wonderful sight it was!! Flowers and bulbs everywhere! Lots of tulips in every colour (of course) and lots of other beautiful flowers as well! I'll post lots of pictures of them as well, so stay tuned!

Friday, 10 October 2008

New logo

Digiscrapping is so much fun! I've still got lots to learn, but eventually I'll get there in due time :-) As you can seen, I've made a brand new logo for my blog... hehehe... it's so huge it takes up the entire page! Don't worry... I'm working on a new version :-)

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Yeey! My very first digiscrap! I've never even tried scrapping in real life! This is lots of fun! I used photshop to help me put things together and I downloaded free digiscrap stuff from She's got lots of great stuff for free!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Baby cardigan - Trollungenjakke

Just wanted to share one of my recently accomplished projects for my baby :-)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

No progress...

YIKES! Still haven't managed to accomplish any of the points in my to-do list! Well, still got more than a month :-)

As a consolation, I made the ULTIMATE bargain scoop this Friday. I came over a "sack sale" in Norwegian it's called posesalg, which means you can fill a shopping bag with as much goods as possible for a given price. This was actually a closeout sale and the shop was trying to get rid of the rest of their products that day. They sold a shopping bag for 100 NOK (ca. 20 USD) and you could fill it with whatever you wanted from the store! Being a "great" economist (hahahahaha)... I went for the most expensive products that they had! I grabbed:

2 sets of sugar bowl and creamer from Stelton (retail price 140 USD/set)

3 pcs. Stelton Luggage tags (retail price 39 USD/ pc.)
1 pcs. Stelton phone strap (retails at 60 USD)

8 pcs. Rosendahl - Karen Blixen's Christmas candle holder for tree (retail price 30 USD/ pc.)

2 bottles of body lotion (Retail price 12 USD/ bottle)

2 sets of knobs for drawers and cupboard doors (30 USD/ set)

3 pcs. silicon spatula (Retail price 10 USD/ pcs) Sorry no pic!


And all I paid was 20 USD!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!?! I'm still ecstatic about my scoop!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Where to start...

OK... what to start with... I just realised that I've got gazillions of projects that I would like to finish sometime in the near future... My no. 1 priority is finishing the nursery :-) After what seems like forever, I finally managed to get rid of the clutter which "randomly" found it's way to my daughter's room ;-)

List of projects to accomplish before December:

- Finish wall letters
- Finish study table: I found this great study table at a flee market last year and saw great potential in it. I painted it white and bought these really cute, whimsical knobs for the drawers! (Will post pics when done!)
- Paint children's bookshelf - A good friend of mine made this really wonderful bookshelf. It reminds me of a plate rack as you place the books facing front so children can easily find the books they want to read.
- Refurbish lampshades for Nat's room - I found this really dull lampshade with great potential! Let's see how it goes after I've given it a round of paint and decoupage(?!?).

My ambitious plan is to finish there projects before we travel to Manila in December. I've still got two whole months so let's cross our fingers ;-)